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14 Days  //  7 Chakras Ven A Mi Candle

Objects of Desire

14 Days // 7 Chakras Ven A Mi Candle


14 Days // 7 Chakras Ven A Mi Candle


Powerful 14 day 7 color candle representing the 7 chakras for cleansing against bad luck, bad vibes, witchcraft and spells. Cleansing of spaces, the home and business places, eliminates hexes against money, love, and success.  With Ven A Mi - entice those with whom you wish to be close. 

Prepare the candle with essential oils and herbs for added power, burn all the way down with the best intentions and welcome with good faith that your wishes will come true.   


Candle will burn about 120 hrs., measures approximately 2 1/2 x 8 1/8 inches.

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