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Channeling Our Top 5 French Beauty Icons

Whitney Smith Morales

There’s just something so charmingly aspirational about that je ne sais quoi of French lifestyle.  How is it that Parisian women manage to look both completely put together and impossibly effortless at the same time?  In truth, we know that the secret is balance. French girls really put their appearance at the top of the list, but they also know not to fuss over it, essentially mastering the art of simplicity.  Constantly working to puzzle together the French women’s secrets, today we are rounding up 5 of our favorite, most iconic French beauties, and sharing some of our tips on how to be a little more laissez-faire when it comes to your beauty routine, bisous!


No.1 obviously, Brigitte Bardot

When we look at her perfect structure and angelic face, we see her carefree attitude shining through.  En Francais, this translates to managing stress! Stress and anxiety increase the hormone cortisol, which causes inflammation that ultimately breaks down collagen and increases puffiness for a fatigued complexion.  Look on the brighter side and let it radiate from within!  


No.2, Anna Karina

Actually not born in France but born in Denmark, the budding actress escaped her dysfunctional family at age 18 by hitchhiking to Paris. Anna was a natural born beauty and had an untamed mysteriousness.  Her wild spirit is the ultimate guide to simplicity, confidence, and mastering the art of je ne sais quoi.  What we take from her, is to let go!  Don’t’ be so serious, relax your facial muscles & smile, stay playful, don’t beat yourself up over the things you cannot change!  Embrace who you are and stay true to yourself.  Afterall,  une femme est une femme!


No.3,  Emmanuelle Beart

The epitome of a bare-skinned beauty.  In French, less is more, and the vain-esque confidence French women radiate upon us, is due to their lack of foundation, a la makeup minimalism.  See our last Story for more details, but generally, French women opt to leave their skin bare.  They prefer a light powder over a mask of foundation and like to emphasize the drama of their most valued asset whether that be a bold lip or a seductive eye.   Keep your routine simple and don't over do it. 


No.4, Francoise Dorleac

... and the bedroom eyes on this femme fatale!  Achieving bedroom eyes doesn’t mean you should look tired, wear your makeup like you wear your lingerie, with delicacy and ease.   Very underestimated advice here, but so important….get enough sleep!  Besides leading to dark circles, not getting enough sleep will age your skin. When you are asleep your body and the skin cells are regenerating. Not getting enough sleep cuts this critical repair time short.


No.5, Laetitia Casta

Probably prettier without make-up than with, Laetitia has the ultimate ethereal glow, sans makeup!  She always seems to have the perfect sun-kissed complexion while looking like she hasn’t aged a single day.  To attempt her look, Wear sunscreen! Sun exposure is the #1 cause of aging skin. Not only does exposure to the suns UV rays increase your risk of skin cancer, they damage the elastin fibers that keep the skin firm, and are responsible for age & dark spots on sun-exposed areas.   Most of the changes seen in aging skin are caused by a lifetime of sun damage.


If you want a quick fix without all the effort,  we suggest the following ROWSIE VAIN products to get you on the righteous path….  XO!

Become a makeup minimalist...

Whitney Smith Morales

Without naming names, some beauty outlets have recently over-saturated the market with YouTube tutorials, trend-setters, and influencers alike, suggesting we take on a beauty routine that is in no way natural or practical.  Layers upon layers of chemicals, colorants, and caked-on products can be damaging to your skin and even your self-esteem. While we may not all be blessed with Kate Moss's cheekbones, contouring is not for everyone! 

There’s something so alluring about a woman with bare skin, a hint of mascara, and a bold lip. It shows that you are comfortable in your own skin; however, sadly most women are not.   We don't always see what others see, and that's okay, but my message to all women is: please lighten up!! I challenge you to try out the weekend sans makeup! You will be delighted with the effortless routine and your skin will rejoice in the breathing room. At the same time, you will realize what your skin is really in need of, leading you down the road to skincare recovery. 

Do something good for your skin by putting your trust into antioxidants! Antioxidants are found in almost all of ROWSIE VAIN products and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reverse the effects of ageing, promote a more even skin tone, and even increase circulation and cell metabolism. Antioxidants that stimulate blood flow in the skin can help encourage the growth of new cells and lighten the hyper-pigmentation caused by sun exposure.  The antioxidants used in natural products are made to enhance your natural beauty.  Skin should always come first, and makeup second!  

To be clear, in no way are we anti-makeup, we love a pretty little cat-eye. Makeup was made to make a women feel beautiful and ROWSIE VAIN is all for that!  We encourage you to have a fun and healthy relationship with makeup, which is why we wanted to share with you some of our tips on becoming a makeup minimalist.

#1.  First things first, exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Remove debris, dead skin, and makeup for a fresh start.  We suggest the ROWSIE VAIN Après Velvet Moisturizing Exfoliant for a rejuvenating exfoliating scrub and organic coconut oil moisturizing base which also serves as a natural skin primer. 

APRÈS VELVET Moisturizing Exfoliant
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#2.  Evaluate the health of your bare skin before moisturizers and concealers.  Is your skin dry or irritated, is your skin tone uneven? Balance is super important here.  We suggest using a light astringent or toner to balance the PH levels of your skin. Check back soon as we launch our new line of toners and elixirs, including an everyday luxury rosewater toner with soothing organic aloe vera, as well as a balancing and calming toner with lavender and chamomile.    

#3.  Moisture is key! After toning and before any makeup application you should always use a moisturizer!  Our Dream Crème Moisturizer is the dreamiest of rich moisturizers and full of vitamin C and antioxidants including rosehip and hibiscus extracts.  You only need a small amount to moisturize your entire face and neck.

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#4.  Now that your skin is moisturized and feeling fresh, you can begin your makeup application. Choose your favorite feature to pop and keep the rest of your makeup to a bare minimum.  For example, highlight your eyes with a simple swipe of liner and mascara, or illuminate/blush your cheekbones lightly, but keep your lips au naturel. 

#5.  If you feel the need to minimize the appearance of blemishes or dark spots, apply a thin layer of concealer and blend well into the effected area, but remember not to overdo it.  We suggest going a shade lighter so you aren't left with a spotty application.  If you want an insanely gorgeous pout and prefer to go all out on your lips, skip the eyes. Color can be so captivating and diverse on the lips.  After all, it’s better to have a man ruin your lipstick, and not your mascara!

Voila! You're on your way to becoming a makeup minimalist and enjoying the benefits of healthy skin!   Always remember, buy products that suit you, and not what suits trends.  Contouring is not for everyone, beauty should be effortless, and less is always more!