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Keeping It Real


Pronounced: /rōzē/vān/

ROWSIE: noun; wild + raw botanical skincare with an au naturel and minimalist approach to beauty // creating earth grown solutions for unapologetic self love.

VAIN:  adjective; having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth; self-loving, in love with oneself, self-admiring, self-regarding, self-obsessed




Hello, thank you so much for being here!! I am Whitney Smith Morales, owner and creator of ROWSIE VAIN, Mother to Daisy Monroe.  I grew up in Ojai, the Valley of the Moon, and it is my forever home. Ojai is historically a sacred place, forever magical, and the most beautifully inspiring place I know to exist. The Chumash Indians first lived in Ojai and used the native plants and resources for medicinal and healing purposes beyond everyday necessity.  Exploring the land I grew up on and learning how it was used centuries before us inspires me to recreate modern day versions of those traditions.  My love for natural beauty and self care, and becoming a Mother, with an entrepreneurial spirit led me to create ROWSIE VAIN....




Based in the mountainous Ojai Valley, ROWSIE VAIN is naturally inspired by the wild offerings of its muse, Mama Earth, and is devoted to formulating the most natural and effective products, using what is locally and organically available within the surrounding environment.    

ROWSIE VAIN products are organically sourced and hand-crafted using wild ingredients and botanicals, including the use of natural ingredients natively grown within the Ojai Valley.. We seek out items that have the least harmful impact to the user and the environment, supremely avoiding the use of artificial & unnatural ingredients, fillers, pesticides, hormones, or cheap ingredients.  We value transparency about our practices and ingredients, both organic and non-organic to prove both efficacy and the safety of use.

We are proud to use local ingredients and manufacture within our gorgeous and inspiring, Valley Of The Moon, and support organic farmers all over the world.  The organic essential oils, salts, and clay powders we use are sourced from places such as the Mediterranean coastline, Italy, France, Greece, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Australia, and right here at home in The Ojai Valley.

Tested on beautiful humans, never on animals.




ROWSIE VAIN is committed to being environmentally responsible in sustaining, preserving, and protecting the native lands of The Ojai Valley, and throughout Ventura County.  As a proud member of the OVLC (Ojai Valley Land Conservancy) group and an active participant in the Wild About Ojai program, a percentage of all ROWSIE VAIN sales are donated to the organization.  

Wild About Ojai funds the protection and management of Ojai Valley's open space for public use. When you purchase ROWSIE VAIN products, you are encouraging healthy relationships with the natural earth and helping to preserve Ojai’s views, trails, water and wildlife for generations to come..